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Roof Leaks

Roof Leaks Repair Adelaide wide

To correctly identify the source of a leak, rectify the issue and ensure it doesn’t come back, you need a qualified and experienced roof plumber. At Taylor’D Roofing & Cladding, we’ve developed a reputation for finding and fixing roof leaks Adelaide homeowners encounter, not only on metal roofs but also on tiled roofs. The Taylor’D team are experts in the leak detection and repair, successfully resolving roof leaks around chimneys, valleys, skylights, gutters, ridge caps and roof tiles. We’re a locally-owned and operated business and are passionate about providing our customers with amazing service and support. If you have a leaking roof and require the best company for roof leak repairs Adelaide has to offer, call us now.

Roof Leak inspection & detection

Australian weather can be tough on your roof, regardless of the material. Even the most well-installed and resilient roof will eventually deteriorate and develop problems. But finding the source of a roof leak can be difficult, as water can enter the roof in one spot but run down to another before you notice it seeping through the ceiling. When you call Taylor’D Roofing & Cladding, a skilled member of our team will make a full inspection of the water damage. We then provide a comprehensive analysis of obvious and more obscure leaks. We’ll then present you with our recommendations and a cost estimate required to fix the issue. The Re Roofing Adelaide customers we’ve served over the years trust us to provide an honest assessment and the most cost-effective solution.

Top causes of roof leaks Adelaide

With over a decade of industry experience, we’re familiar with how a roof system works and offer our honest opinion as to the condition of every roof. If you know your roof has encountered any of these, get in touch with us as soon as you can:

Tile damage – Damage to tiles from a hailstorm, harsh rainfall or general wear and tear will usually result in a roof leak.

Overflow – Low-pitched tile roofs and corrugated roofing may begin to leak around the laps.

Bad Design – If your roof wasn’t designed appropriately or flashings weren’t installed where needed, there’s a high chance of a leak. Some gutter designs are also more prone to overflowing than others.

The dangers of a leaking roof

When left unrepaired, a leaking roof can change from a small inconvenience to a big disaster quicker than you would think. Water can silently seep into your property’s interior, causing steady and untold damage to plastering, as well as your appliances and possessions. What then starts as a few drops falling from the ceiling could result in a significant problem, such as your ceiling caving in and costing you thousands to repair. The moment you notice the leak is the perfect time to call in the experts. Call Taylor’D Roofing & Cladding to deal with it today. We have the right tools and equipment to handle all roof leak repairs Adelaide encounters and ensure your roof is structurally sound enough to avoid problems down the line.