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Taylor’D Roofing & Cladding Pty Ltd started trading in February of 2017.


Taylor’D Roofing & Cladding Pty Ltd was established in February of 2017 by the working director Matthew Taylor. We have one apprentice and one other full time employee.


Matthew Taylor completed a 4 year apprenticeship through TAPS (S & LJ Roofing Contractors Host) as most Qualified Roof Plumbers do. Working for a few other companies before becoming a sole trader.

With solid skills in the re roofing Adelaide, new roofing and maintenance sectors. Attention to detail and delivery of great customer service drives the business forward.

Fully Qualified Roof Plumber:

Nikolas is a young, hardworking individual. Joining TRC Pty Ltd in February 2019 he has shown he can be trusted when required. He has adapted to our way of business, gradually and we look forward to seeing a lot more from him.

We are still looking for Nik’s calling in the roofing department, but he is happy to learn anything he can to progress in his career & taking it to new heights!

2nd Year Apprentice:

Chris is second to none with great determination to succeed. His OCD nature make him the perfect fit for a company with meticulous attention to detail. He has a way to go, lets see how far he can soar!

Chris has developed a keen liking to supply & installation of whirly birds.

Our Process

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Where it costs you:

Our Time On Repairs

Developers Time

Builders Time

Our call backs averaged $400 on a one story.

Why You Should Use Us!

0 Call backs this year down from 1 in 3.5 jobs

Support Systems: Me free= support for guys to achieve a positive outcome.

Portfolio Photos

Roofing Bible

Drawing Details

In line with Australian Standards where possible (use in your marketing)

Our Strengths


Redesign from plans as much as possible

Eliminate the problem at the planning stage.
Substitute the problem with a lesser risk design
Isolate the hazard. We look at redirecting water away from the area.
Use engineering controls. Redesign the problem on site.
Use administrative controls. Check our portfolio, site detail drawings and instructionals.
Use personal protective equipment. (Our Guys) Honest and disciplined, they will not, just ‘let it go’ or ‘leave it for
someone else’

Our Values


Through revolutionary training techniques. Positivity throughout our team


Apprentices and tradespeople are equal.


A process to each and every problem.


Mental health: we have acknowledged a link between stress and mistakes, we have been working to identify these risks and to STOP, make a plan and then move forward.


If we make a mistake, we own up, there is no backlash for mistakes. There is consequences if it is not brought up, hidden or swept under the carpet.


Through all of the above, we hold ourselves accountable, we hold ourselves above others.

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