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Whirlybird Supply and Installation Adelaide

Need to ventilate your roof cavity?

Then give us a call today! We are experienced, licensed roof plumbers who can take care of your Whirlybird installation with a professional service that prioritises quality workmanship.

Installing a Whirlybird can help your home stay cool during summer and dry during a damp winter. They can also help reduce power bills because you won’t need to use the air con when the outdoor temperature rises.

The best part is that Whirlybirds are relatively easy to install and require no maintenance! They also spin themselves, driven by the warm air that rises from your roof cavity to drive the turbine, meaning they work even on a windless day.

Give us a call today on 08 7223 2375 or email us at: INFO@TRC.NET.AU to quote your Whirlybird installation

How we install a Whirlybird

If you are curious about the steps involved to get your Whirlybird installed, here they are:
  • Mark out the location on your roof
  • Cut holes for the whirly
  • Turn up the sheets
  • Turn down 20mm of the base
  • Mark out for the scribes
  • Place and fix into position
  • If your roof is tiled, a metal strap will come with the whirly. This gets fixed into the collar and tile batten
  • Get collar and turn until level on top left to right and front to back
  • Place collar and fix into position
  • Place top onto the collar and screw through the three pre-drilled holes
  • Check to see if its spinning even

We then clean up and leave your premises how we found them.

Why choose TRC for your Whirlybird installation in Adelaide?

There are a heap of Whirlybird installers out there, so why choose us over them? Here are some reasons why we think we should get the call:
  • We strive for an exceptional finish
  • We have 10+ years of professional experience in the roof plumbing industry
  • All our products are backed by industry leading warranties
  • We have the appropriate licence, public liability and workers comp insurance


Our Roofing Services Adelaide

Besides Whirlybird installation we are also happy to quote you on any of these services:

  • Leak repairs
  • Box gutter redesign
  • New and maintenance roof reports
  • Colorbond verandas
  • Skylights, including custom flashed skylights, velux skylights and domed skylights
  • Metal and PVC guttering and downpipes – install and repair

Call us on 08 7223 2375 to quote your new job – we guarantee an exceptional finish!

At Taylor’D Roofing & Cladding Pty Ltd we can supply and install Whirlybirds or Whirlygigs.

Our whirlybirds have bearings in them, unlike the cheap ones, stopping squeaking in its tracks. They can also be lubricated if they are not turning due to age, giving older whirlybirds new life.

Ready to take the structure and appearance of your home to the next level?

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