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New Roofing, Re Roofing & Tile Conversions

We work with the builder or homeowner to achieve an outstanding result and lasting roof that does not require regular maintenance or repair.


When it starts raining inside your house, we can be there promptly and complete a make safe if required. If we can fix it there, we can give you a price to eliminate a big bill. If the leak needs a new flashing or sheet we can give you a written quote.

Polycarbonate & Multiwall Roofing Systems

Change that dark and cold veranda sheeting with some polycarbonate and let the sunlight in. We replace old, hail or wind damaged polycarbonate. We can match it to your existing colour if you only need one or can replace the whole roof no worries!



We can organise the design and construction of your new Colorbond veranda. With so many to choose from the sky is the limit.

Roof Replacement

Velux Skylights, Traditional Acrylic Domed Skylights & Whirly Birds

Need some light? We can arrange the installation of your new custom flashed skylight. We pride ourselves in matching flashings to the roof profile and type of metal to avoid premature corrosion. We also order them in colorbond, matching the roof perfectly. We do not spray paint ours like most other competitors.

We can install the range depending on your budget and will work with you to get your desired outcome.

Guttering, Metal & PVC Downpipes

Need new gutters? We can fix leaks, remove the old and add new. Why not upgrade those 75mm or 100mm x 50mmdownpipes to new 90mm round limiting the likelihood of overflowing. We are also up to date on the new overflow standards unlike many.

We can install new 100mm x 50mm, 100mm x 75mm, 75mm or 90mm on any residential house. You can chose the colour or if you would like it in metal or PVC. We also offer painting of PVC if required.

Insurance Assistance

We can work with the customer and insurance builders to fix leaks, replace hail damaged re roofing, skylights and guttering.

Lead Flashings

With as comprehensive knowledge of heritage and new styles of lead working methods we can get the job done. Restoring your old tired out flashing was never easier.

Timber Fascia Replacement

If your timber fascia is rotten we can replace and add structural timber supports to ensure your new timber fascia lasts the distance. We can also repaint the new one to closest match or paint your whole fascia to bring it back to its former glory.