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How Do You Deal With a Bad Roofer?

Hiring someone to work on your home is just like any other hiring process – you often have to base your decision on whatever limited information you’re able to glean from others, and sometimes, that process leads to bad decisions.

The problem is, you probably won’t know those decisions were less-than-great until well after they have been made. Even if you vet people carefully before starting a job, there’s always the chance that they will not deliver what you expected. 

Maybe you checked your contractor’s licensing, saw their Safe Work Method Statement, and checked over the kind of materials they planned to use, and things still haven’t worked out the way you wanted? If so, there are things you can do to retain some control over the situation:

Stop it at the start

Look out for early signs that a prospective contractor is not the right person to help revamp your roof. If you have trouble communicating with them and getting prompt responses, take it as an indication that you may be better off moving on to the next contractor. Similarly, if you have set a date for the beginning of the job and the contractor fails to follow through without notice, this is likely a sign that the company is either disorganised or non-committal, and this is not the attitude you want going into a major project.

Look at the facts

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by frustration and even anger when your roofing job seems to have gone wrong, which is exactly why you should take a step back and look at the facts in front of you. If you’re convinced something has gone wrong, start by getting specific about what the problem is and where it can be seen. The easier it is to pinpoint, the less trouble you’ll have communicating the problem to the contractor and anyone else who gets involved. 

The next step is to review the contract you signed with the contractor. This should set out all the information you need to know about the expectations and requirements you both had for the job, as well as the warranties covering their work. If there were real problems with the work they did for you, the warranty may cover the cost of redoing the work.

Call the contractor

In situations where the contractor has failed to deliver on your expectations, the best thing you can do is speak to them directly. Even though you may be frustrated or upset about the outcome right now, it’s in your best interest to keep your emotions under control. It may be that the problem you have discovered was the result of a simple mistake or an external factor out of the contractor’s control. In any case, you should make a point of speaking to them directly and asking all the questions you need to in order to understand the problem and find a solution.  

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