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Walkerville Roofing Repairs

Your roof is the most important part of your house – yet it’s usually the most neglected.Even a small problem can rapidly escalate into major structural issues with your property, costing you thousands and thousands of dollars to rectify.

So, Walkerville homeowners – when was the last time you checked the condition of the roof over your head?

Whether you’re a homeowner, an investor or a business owner, it’s essential that you ensure your roof is up to the task of keeping bad weather and pest infestations at bay. 

Sagging in the roof, brittle or broken tiles, corrosion and dripping noises during rain can all be telltale signs of problems with your roof – but it can be difficult to identify the source of problems unless you’re a roof repair professional. That’s why we’re offering all Walkerville residents a roof condition report today!

To discuss your roofing needs or book an assessment, call 08 7223 2375 or click here today – or read on to find out more about our Walkerville roofing services.

What’s in a roof report?

Our comprehensive roof condition inspections look at every aspect of your roof for areas of concern – as well as potential issues that could turn into major problems.  Our qualified roofing specialists will carry out a detailed visual inspection of your roof and gutters. Depending on the extent of any damages, they may offer a solution on the spot.

Once the inspection is completed, we’ll send you a comprehensive report with images of affected areas, drawing  attention to key issues and providing a set of honest recommendations for fixing any issues with a detailed written quote.

To book your roof inspection, by call 08 7223 2375 or click here now.

How much does a roof inspection cost? 

The cost of a roof inspection and report varies depending on the size of the roof, but typically ranges from $200 to $400 dollars. This accounts for the time required for the inspection as well as the challenges involved in accessing and assessing the roof  – and is relatively insignificant compared to the potential long-term cost of roof damages. 

Don’t sit there wondering about the state of your roof: book an inspection by calling 08 7223 2375  or clicking here today.

Common roof repairs in Walkerville

Leak repairs

Leaks become more likely as roofs age. Once they do appear, it’s important that they are addressed as quickly as possible to minimise damage to your home.

Our Walkerville roofing team are experts at quickly and cost-effectively fixing leaks before they have the chance to devalue your Walkerville property. 

To discuss a leak or book an assessment, call 08 7223 2375 or click here today.

Gutter replacement

Gutter problems can potentially cause serious structural damage if left unaddressed – but it’s one of the most easily fixed problems. 

The team at Taylor’D Roofing and Cladding provides gutter repair and replacement services in Walkerville, leaving your home looking as good as new and protected from damage.

Gutter repairs range from replacing any weak spots to replacing the entire gutter. These relatively inexpensive repairs will dramatically extend the life of your roof.

To discuss a gutter repair or replacement, call 08 7223 2375 or click here today.

Roof replacement

Whether for functional or aesthetic reasons, sometimes a full roof replacement is the way to go. This has the major benefit of giving you the opportunity to redesign your roof to suit your vision of your Walkerville home. 

The Walkerville roofing team at Taylor’d Roofing and Cladding are specialists at all types of roof replacement. We’ll guide you through the process on time, to budget and with minimal disruption – producing a finished result that exceeds all your expectations.

To book a comprehensive roof assessment, call 08 7223 2375 or click here today.

Why choose TRC for your roofing work in Walkerville?

As roofing industry experts servicing the Adelaide area since 2017, the team at Taylor’D Roofing and Cladding provides effective solutions for a wide range of structural and aesthetic solutions. We pride ourselves on always providing cost-effective quality solutions that extend the lifespan of structures by years. 

As an Australian owned and operated company, we adhere to Australian Standards in all of our work, ensuring a high-quality finish for every roof and full satisfaction for every customer. Fully licensed and insured, we provide industry-leading warranties on every job we complete.

To book a comprehensive roof assessment, call 08 7223 2375 or click here today.

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